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Cinch® can benefit all types of people from all walks of life. Check out some of the stories below for examples of how our service has played an important role in the lives of our customers. We'd love to hear your story too. Feel free to send us a quick message sharing how Cinch® made a difference for you. If we think your story would make a great addition to this page we'll reach out and ask for permission to share the content of your story. No personal information is ever shared, and you are under no obligation to say yes.

Image of Justine

Several years ago Justine started developing allergy symptoms and struggled to determine the cause. Ordering the Pacific Northwest Allergy Profile helped her learn which specific allergens were affecting her.

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Image of Ryan

After trying many methods to reduce fatigue and migraine symptoms, Ryan discovered that a Vitamin D deficiency was closely linked to his overall health.

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Image of Josh

Josh is a single parent and finding time outside of work to get to the doctor is nearly impossible with a baby in tow. Josh has come to rely on the convenience of online test ordering and a quick stop at a draw site.

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Image of Aaron

Aaron knows his cholesterol is a little too high, but his doctor has given him some good suggestions. Keeping track of his levels on his own saves trips to the doctor and lets him see his progress.

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Image of Sarah

Sarah was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at fifteen. Because she checks her thyroid levels every six months, it’s very convenient to monitor testing herself when it fits into her schedule.

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Image of Juliette

Living with diabetes is just a part of Juliette's life. It doesn’t control what she does because she’s learned how to manage the variables that affect her. Getting an HgA1c test every few months just reinforces her success.

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Image of Sheena

Maintaining a strict vegan diet takes discipline. Keeping track of your levels of vitamins and minerals doesn’t. Sheena makes sure she’s getting all her nutrients by periodic blood tests.

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Image of Heather

Heather has struggled with low blood sugar and low energy levels. As a working mom she really appreciates the ease and convenience of ordering tests directly from home without needing to visit a doctor.

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