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About Direct to Consumer Testing

What is the purpose of this service?

Direct to consumer testing allows you to proactively monitor your health by ordering lab tests without waiting to visit a healthcare professional first. Tests can be ordered to check in on existing conditions or to help find potential issues before they progress enough to cause symptoms. There is no need to get a referral for the tests from a healthcare provider, and no insurance involvement. The process can be much quicker due to the simplified nature of ordering and getting results online.

Do I need a doctor’s order?

No. This is a convenient, simple, and confidential way of getting test results without an appointment or visit to a doctor’s office.

How much does it cost?

Prices are posted for each test on our website.

Will my insurance pay for this testing?

No, because these tests are not ordered by a physician, insurances routinely do not cover these tests. We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment.

I don't have a healthcare provider. How do I find one?

There are many online services that can assist you in locating a qualified healthcare provider near you. Several you can explore are:
www.doctor.webmd.com www.zocdoc.com www.healthgrades.com/find-a-doctor

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My Account

Can I edit my account information?

Yes! Just visit the Settings page to adjust your personal information and preferences. You can edit everything about your account except for your name and Birth Date. These are your main identifying factors. If you do need to change these items, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist.

How do I create an account?

Visit the Create Account page and fill in the required fields. You will need to open the confirmation email and click on the link to confirm and complete your account creation. Once you’ve completed this process you are able to place orders and receive results online.

What do I do if I forget my username?

Due to security reasons, you must contact Customer Service at 1-844-GOCINCH (1-844-462-4624) to recover your username.

What do I do if I forget my password?

To reset your password, go to the Forgot Password page. Here you will enter your email address and receive an emailed verification code. Please note: As a security measure, you will only be allowed five incorrect login attempts before you will be locked out of the system. If this happens, please contact Customer Service at 1-844-GOCINCH (1-844-462-4624).

Why do you need my home address?

Certain conditions we test for are considered “reportable”, meaning we must report to the state you live in that someone tested positive for one of these conditions.

Why do you need my phone number?

For certain tests we need to notify you immediately if there are results that put your health at immediate risk. Our medical director is always ready to call you if we detect critical values so that you can seek advice from a healthcare provider immediately.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your user account, please contact the Customer Service department at 1-844-GOCINCH (1-844-462-4624).

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About the Results

How and when do I get my results?

Your results will be available to you online as soon as they are ready; typically two to five days. The results are completely confidential.

What does a result that is outside of optimal range mean?

Lab results are only one part of your overall health evaluation. Results within the reference (normal) range do not ensure health. Results that fall outside the reference range may not indicate disease. We recommend you consult a healthcare provider to discuss your test results as part of a complete medical examination. Reference (normal) ranges are provided to help interpret your test results. If you have a test result that is not within the reference range, or if you are not feeling well, Cinch recommends that you see a healthcare provider. If you are interested in more information about your test results, we suggest the website http://labtestsonline.org.

Will the lab interpret the results for me?

A brief interpretation is provided with all results. If you are interested in more information about your test results, please see a healthcare provider or go online at http://labtestsonline.org.

Why do hepatitis results have to go to the health department?

Laboratories are required by law to inform the health department whenever we encounter a case of Viral Hepatitis. This applies to any test or panel that includes Hepatitis A or B. For Hepatitis C, we only perform a screening test and positive results will not be reported to the health department until they are confirmed by additional tests. These additional tests can only be ordered by your healthcare provider.

How can I share my results with my healthcare provider?

We have a special printable version of your results available intended for your healthcare provider. This version is a more condensed view that will be easier to store in your electronic medical record. To access this option, select "Print Physician View" when viewing a specific set of order results.

What happens if I order tests or panels with overlapping components?

Sometimes two unique tests or panels may have an overlapping component, such as a glucose contained within two larger panels. If this happens our lab will measure that specific component twice, meaning you may see two different values for the same component in your results. Due to the inherent variations that occur each time a sample is processed, it is possible, and expected, that the same sample can produce a slightly different result when measured twice.

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Sample Collection

Where do I go?

You can have your sample taken at designated Cinch draw sites. Locations, addresses and hours are located on our website.

Can I make an appointment?

Our draw sites work on a first come, first served basis and there is no need to make an appointment.

Do I pay anything at the draw site?

No, your order is paid in full when you place the order online.

How do I prepare for the draw?

If your test requires fasting, do not eat or drink anything besides water for 10 hours before you plan to have your sample drawn. Being in a fasting state ensures that the results of your test will be accurate, allowing proper interpretation in relation to the reference ranges. Going to the draw site first thing in the morning is generally the best option when fasting.

Stay hydrated! To make the blood draw go as smoothly as possible make sure you stay hydrated. In general, most adults are recommended to drink 64 ounces of water per day. Avoid excessive amounts of water and limit caffeine, which acts as a diuretic.

When you get to the draw site, simply walk inside and add your name to the list. When the next employee is ready for you they will call your name. You’ll be taken into a more private area for the sample collection. For a blood draw, you will sit at the draw station with the phlebotomist while they verify your ID and briefly review the test(s) you requested. The volume of blood drawn depends on how many components are contained in the tests you have ordered. For a urine collection, you will be given a collection cup and instructions before going into a private restroom.

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Test Menu

What should I order?

When viewing our test menu you can browse tests based on a health category of interest. CinchBodTM allows you to browse tests by body category. All tests have a description about the purpose or utility of the test that can help you decide if it is relevant to you. If you're interested in a test panel containing a well thought out assembly of tests, view our Panels and Packages category. We've done all the hard work for you!

How do I know what's included in the panel?

Each panel contains a full description of all the individual tests contained within. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Getting in Touch

How can I contact you with questions?

We would love to hear from you with any questions, comments, concerns, or stories about how Cinch has helped you reveal your health! Please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.

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